Purchase A Puppy

Application and Deposit

The cost to adopt a puppy from Sunrise Puppies is specific to the breed and is listed below. We require a Puppy Application and a $500.00 deposit to adopt a puppy. This fee covers our time conversing with you, sending over our contract, etc. Your deposit is non-refundable after the litter reaches two weeks of age.

- Mini Bernedoodle Puppies $3,500.00 each
- Miniature Poodles Puppies $2,000.00 each
**- Micro Mini Goldendoodle Puppies ** $2,500.00 each
- Mini Sheepadoodle Puppies $3,000.00 each
- Sheepadoodle Puppies $2,500.00 each
- Portipoo’s Puppies $2,000.00 each

Contract/Health Guarantee

Once we receive your application and deposit, we will email you a contract/health guarantee for you to review and sign. We recommend that you download and preview our Contract/Health Guarantee here before submitting your application. Once we receive back your signed contract you will be placed on the Master List of your requested breed.

Master List

The Master List designates the order that families can choose their puppies from a litter, based on when their deposit was received. This list is kept up to date on our website puppy pages, and you can view it at any time. Once a litter is born and reaches 4 weeks of age, choice of puppy is given to the first name on the Master List. After their puppy has been chosen, their name is removed from the master list and onto a reservation spot for that puppy. The next person on the Master List may then choose their puppy. This continues until every puppy in the litter has been chosen for adoption.

If you are interested in a specific litter, we will note that on the Master List. If you choose not to pick from the first available litter, then you agree to wait until the next litter is due, either from the same female (which will be a year later) or a different female of the same breed from their next litter.

Note: We reserve the right to add names back to the top of the Master List should there be an issue with an adoption or health of a reserved puppy.

Upcoming Litters

Visit our puppy pages for a list of upcoming litters to see our new and expected arrivals. All of our dates are estimates. We have an idea of when our girls should cycle but we are dealing with Mother Nature and she doesn't care about our schedule. A girl may cycle sooner or later than expected. This is out of our control and by getting on our reservation list, you understand the timing is only an estimation.

Balance Due

Your remaining balance, total cost minus $500.00 deposit, is due when the puppies are six - seven weeks old. We will email you an invoice with a payment link.

Adoption Day

Most puppies are ready for adoption at 8 weeks. We will let you know if your chosen puppy will need extra “mom” time before adoption. If you are outside our area and prefer to have us ship you your puppy, we can arrange for shipping. Please contact us before filling out an application so that we can so that we can let you know what these additional costs will be.